Community Education Courses

We are delighted to have confirmed funding from WWETB for the following courses starting from September 2020: Pathways To Employment LTI QQI Level 4, Health and Wellbeing, The Bonnet Project and the Certificate in Community Studies QQI Level 6.

We will deliver the above courses through a blended learning process involving on line and face to face work. As always participants will be encouraged to have their say on the content and the delivery times in order to ensure they are relevant and accessible.  We will continue to use creative methods to explore personal and social issues and develop and maintain healthy and sustainable relationships.

Our work has always been about creating a safe environment to support learning. This has never been more important than now, in the current Covid 19 pandemic, and we are committed to ensuring all government regulations and recommendations are in place to ensure safety for all in the Women’s Centre. We are happy to support those who may need it, to participate in the on line work, in keeping with the core work of the Women’s Centre, which has always been about the removal of barriers to women’s participations. This commitment has not changed though the barriers have somewhat.


Tea, coffee and healthy snacks are available in our tea room at keen prices for tea breaks 

  1. Health & Wellbeing
  2. Community Leadership
  3. Local Training Initiative Pathways to Employment  QQI Level 4
  4. Lead Into Employment
  5. Bonnet Project
  6. Domestic Abuse Support Group
  7. Certificate in Community Studies QQI Level 6