September 2011

Domestic Abuse Support Services

Domestic Abuse Support Services DASS

Learn by Doing

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Local Training Initiative Pathways to Employment

Lead Into Employment

Lead into Employment



 This course starts in September for three morning each week up to the end of June.  It aims to build confidence, identify progression and remove barriers to further training, education and employment for women who are longterm unemployed. 

Community Education Courses

Community Education  

The Womens Centre's work is about creating a safe and trusting environment which ensures we feel able to learn without fear of making a mistake or saying the wrong thing.  This supports us to learn.  It builds confidence and increased personal and social awareness.

How We Work


The Waterford Women’s Centre, through the implementation of its outreach strategy, engages and works with women living in Waterford City and surrounding areas who experience social, cultural, educational and economic disadvantage. The Centre supports women through community development, community education, information and support, enabling and empowering them to create and participate in a more equal and inclusive society.

Voluntary Management Committee

AGM 2017

From its inception the Waterford Women’s Centre developed a model of participative management and decision-making which has been reviewed and developed on an ongoing basis since 1995. It ensures that women who participate in all areas of the project are involved in the entire decision making. There continues to be a mix of experienced members some of whom have been involved since 1995 and new members who are current participants. The management structure is made up of a number of working groups, which feed into the central core group. Equality and empowerment are its key principles.


The Waterford Women’s Centre was established by women for women in 1995 as ACCESS 2000. The organisation has grown from the ground up and was developed through a need that was identified when women’s groups from Waterford and Wexford came together in order to get qualifications for women community activists from the region. The Women’s Centre has always had a strong group of volunteers directing, managing and steering the work. The commitment and passion that is always present is inspirational. Equality is at the heart of the work and permeates throughout all areas alike.

The Mission

Recognising the impact of class and gender conditioning the Women's Centre builds capacity and challenges barriers to facilitate women to participate at all levels of civil society. Focusing on class & gender equality, anti-poverty and social inclusion, we collectively challenge cultural, political and economic inequalities.   

 "Whatever is the problem, Community is the answer"  Meg Wheatly

The Centre

As one of the 17 NCCWN (National Collective of Community Based Women's Networks) the Women's Centre (ACCESS 2000 Company Limited by Guarantee) works with women to enable participation through removing barriers and building confidence.