Recognising the impact of class and gender conditioning the Women's Centre builds capacity and challenges barriers to facilitate women to participate at all levels of civil society. Focusing on class & gender equality, anti-poverty and social inclusion, we collectively challenge cultural, political and economic inequalities.    

Parents Handbook

LTI Coordinator

Waterford Women’s Centre
wishes to recruit a Coordinator for the upcoming Local Training Initiative
“Pathways to Employment for Women”
with responsibility for overseeing the delivery of a QQI Level 4 Employment Programme Pathways

Autumn Programme in the Women's Centre

The Women's Centre is offering a very exciting autumn programme starting September 2017.  Check out our Community Education Page for details and leave your and contact details to arrange to meet us for a chat.   

Waterford Women's History

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Why women’s history is important


International Women's Day 2017


Waterford Central Library, Lady lane, Waterford

4th March at 11.30am

Annual Report 2015

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