Recognising the impact of class and gender conditioning the Women's Centre builds capacity and challenges barriers to facilitate women to participate at all levels of civil society. Focusing on class & gender equality, anti-poverty and social inclusion, we collectively challenge cultural, political and economic inequalities.    

Ban na nGaoithe Tramore Women's Group visit the Women's Centre

Ban na nGaoithe Tramore Women's Group visits the Centre June 13.JPG

Staff and management summer day out July 3rd 2013

July 3rd 13 summer day out 003.JPG

Women's Centre 2012 Annual Report

Finding a Voice

ONE BILLION RISING - 'Break the Chain' FLASHMOB!! We Rose! We Danced! and the Sun Shone! on Thursday 14th February at 1.00 in John Robert Square, Waterford, ...

helen meagher's visit 14 feb 2013.JPG
15 participants from Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Slovenia visited the Women's Centre  on the 14th February 2013 together with Tutors Yuvi Basanth and Helen Maher. 
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