Recognising the impact of class and gender conditioning the Women's Centre builds capacity and challenges barriers to facilitate women to participate at all levels of civil society. Focusing on class & gender equality, anti-poverty and social inclusion, we collectively challenge cultural, political and economic inequalities.    

Celebrating International Women's Day 2013

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The Women's Centre marked International Women's Day 2013 with events throughout the week.  On Monday 4th March a women's history project was launched in Waterford City Council Library, Lady Lane, Waterford and attended by approximately 50 people on the day.  This exhibition was in the Library until Friday 8th March. 

Events organised by the Women's Centre for International Women's Day 2013

The following events will take place to mark International Women's Day 2013
1. A Photographic Exhibition of Waterford Women's History

The Women's Centre goes National

The Women's Centre goes National

 The Women's Centre goes National

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