Recognising the impact of class and gender conditioning the Women's Centre builds capacity and challenges barriers to facilitate women to participate at all levels of civil society. Focusing on class & gender equality, anti-poverty and social inclusion, we collectively challenge cultural, political and economic inequalities.    

Parents Handbook

All the information you might need if you are interested in sending your child to our childcare service

FETAC Level 6 Advanced Supervision in Childcare Certificates in the Adult Education Centre

Cathy Shanahan and Amie O'Shea

Congratulations to Sarah Walsh, Manager and Amie O'Shea, Assistant Manger of the Women's Centre Childcare service who received their FETAC Level 6 Advanced Supervision in Childcare Certificates  in the Adult Education Centre, Waterford on the 28th January 2013

New domestic abuse support service for women starting February 4th 2013

 Domestic Abuse Support Service for women

Planning Day 15th January 2012

planning day 15th Jan 2013 006.JPG

We began the process of planning for the next three years in the Centre on Tuesday 15th January.  This first session was open to everyone involved in the Centre and provided a wealth of creative and imaginative ideas.   

The Women's Centre - doing it by degrees

Graduates from Waterford Women's Centre and members of the conferring party

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