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An institutional ethnography of a feminist organization: a study of community education in Ireland


Parents Handbook handbook Parents.doc
Annual Report 2016 Annual Report 2016 .docx
Annual Report 2015 Final Annual Report 2015 pdf.pdf
Enough is Enough

This is a safety and empowerment Guide for women produced by the Waterford Local Area Network.

Download a printable version of this booklet.

Enough is Enough 2016.pdf
Annual Report 2014 Annual Report 2014.pdf
Waterford Women's history project by Ann Fitzgerald Waterford Women's history project by Ann Fitzgerald.pdf
Changing Lives of Waterford Women during World War 1 by Eleanor Murphy Changing lives of waterford women during ww1.pdf
Maeve O’Grady ‘A Review of Radicalizing Learning’ in Interface: a journal for and about social movements Volume 6 (1):492-514 (May 2014) Book review.pdf
2013 Annual Report annual report 2013 2.pdf
Women's Centre 2012 Annual Report women's centre annual report 2012.pdf
Gendered Choices Review - by Maeve O'Grady Gendered Choices Review.pdf
'Other'- wise - by Maeve O'Grady 'Other'- wise.pdf
AN-OTHER SPACE FOR WORKING-CLASS WOMEN - BREDA MURPHY 2011 An-Other Space for Working-Class Women by Breda Murphy 2011.pdf
Curriculum and Assessment Curriculum and Assessment.pdf
Professional Practice and Educational Theory Professional Practice and Educational Theory by Kate Crotty.pdf
What Constitutes a Good Facilitator What Constitutes a Good Facilitator by Kate Crotty.pdf
Educational Theory Constructivism Educational Theory Constructivism by Kate Crotty.pdf
Creativity In Education Creativity In Education Essay by Kate Crotty.pdf
Assessment Assessment by Kate Crotty.pdf
Finding a Voice Finding a Voice 13 March 2013.pdf
Childcare Centre Leaflet

Information on the childcare service offered in the Women's Centre

childcare leaflet.pdf
Parents Handbook

All the information you might need if you are interested in sending your child to our childcare service

parents handbook.pdf
Women's Centre Annual Report 2011

Attached is an overview of the work of the Women's Centre in 2011

Waterford- Women's-Centre-Annual-Report_2011.pdf