Can you help?

The work of the Women’s Centre has been described as transformative: the Centre provides a space where women get a chance to build their skills and confidence in a kind and relaxed environment. This is especially relevant for women who do not have enough confidence for formal education, training and employment, or who do not feel entitled to go for other opportunities that might exist. The effort that is required for this confidence-building is often unrecognised, as those who have confidence and skills may not understand what it is like to be without them.

Our approach is gentle and challenging at the same time, enabling women to identify and change self-limiting beliefs and organise supports that may be needed to overcome barriers to progression. The practice works because skilled facilitators enable women to identify needs and build confidence in a way that is non-judgemental and respectful, supporting empowerment by a social and experiential process of learning.

The Women’s Centre’s programmes are funded by various agencies. We depend on fundraising and personal donations to support additional costs not covered by grants. We would be most grateful for any contribution to enable us to continue with this essential work in Waterford.